How To Pay Your DriveTime / Bridgecrest Auto Loan

If you’ve purchased your car or truck from a DriveTime dealership and financed the vehicle with DriveTime’s Bridgecrest financing unit (Bridgecrest is the new name for the financing arm of the company), here are your options to make your monthly auto loan payment:

  • Online: to make your payment using your checking or savings account. You also have the option to for an additional $3.95 charge.
  • By Mail: Send your DriveTime/Bridgecrest auto loan payment (check or money order only) to the following address: Bridgecrest, P.O. Box 53087, Phoenix, AZ, 85072.
  • By Phone: You can pay by phone only if you pay by credit card or debit card and use Western Union Speedpay, which charges an additional $3.95 fee. If that is OK with you, the phone number to call is .
  • In Person: You can make your Bridgecrest loan payment (for an extra $1.50 fee) at or .