How To Pay Your Dominion Bill

dominionYou can pay your Dominion gas or electric bill online by check or credit card, or you can mail in a payment, or pay in person. Below is the info you need to pay every which way:

  • Online: to your account and make a payment via your checking account. You can pay by credit card online also: . Note that there is an extra fee for credit card payments.
  • By Mail: Send your payment to the following address, note there are different mailing addresses depending on the state: In North Carolina & Virginia: Dominion, P. O. Box 26543, Richmond, VA, 23290-0001. In Ohio: Dominion East Ohio, P. O. Box 26785, Richmond, VA, 23261-6785. In West Virginia: Dominion Hope, P. O. Box 26783, Richmond, VA, 23261-6783
  • In person: Find payment locations at

If you need Dominion customer service help, here are the phone numbers to call: in Ohio, in North Carolina or Virginia, and in West Virginia.